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Hungry Chaplain Visits the Philippines!

For the next few days while I am in the Philippines, I will be going for a few short trips to visit families in the Philippines! At the moment, assuming no new changes, it will be a total of 7 families to visit! These families are connected to the Filipino congregation in the church I serve in Singapore.

Not Philippine map, but yes, road trip!

Do keep me in prayer for safe travels as well as God's wisdom in how to reach out to these whom God has loved! More updates will come in the coming days!

Day 1 --- Metro Manila + Laguna Day 2 --- Bulacan Day 3 --- Rest Day 4 --- Pangasinan + Tarlac Day 5 --- Tarlac

For our BRMC Filipino Congregants, if your family happens to be in the areas being visited, please drop me a message!

P.S. Sorry for the long delay in posts, have been quite busy lately :) hoping to find the pace and time to continue back to weekly posts!

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